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Geothermal Drilling Series
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As for geothermal well, the geothermal drilling series is applied to provide advantageous drilling performance and durability. Meanwhile, the flow channel design belong to technology(utility model:ZL 2016 2 1092980.3) is applied to wash and cool down PDC.

8-1/2” SG519BG/S223

Technical Features

◆Body Material: Steel products with extremely strong tenacity.
◆Blade Quantity and Mode: 5 blade screw design which is composed of 2 long blades and 3 assistant blades to properly control torque during drilling.
◆Crown Shape: Design of shallow cone parabola shape, good for the operation of build-up and drop-off.
◆Flow Channel Design: channel flow design is to satisfy requirements of bottom hole assembly. In addition, it guarantees the washing and cooling of drill bits and transportation of rock debris under the circumstances of large displacement.
◆Cutting Tooth: Total 53 pieces including 21 pieces of 19 mm main cutting teeth on surface, 15 pieces of 16 mm back teeth, 5 pieces of 16 mm side assistant teeth and 12 pieces of 13 mm side assistance teeth. Cutting teeth with high wear resistance and strong shock resistance are applied.
◆Gauge Protection: Containing the active gauge protection cutting tooth and ball surface tooth, the drill bit has 2.5” long gauge protection which helps operation on build-up and drop-off.
◆Connection Method: 4-1/2”REG. pin screw connection.

Application Example

This kind of drill bits has been applied to deviation section of Kenya geothermal well to make air drilling and foam drilling. The lithology is trachyte and black granite. Based on the reflection from actual operation condition, the single dill bit footage is 248m-503m and the penetration rate is 4.74m/h-7.4m/h. compared with cone bit, the single drill bit footage of geothermal drill bit increases 7.5 times, the single drilling time improves 6 times, the drill bit quantity decreases 7 pieces, and the average penetration rate enhances 22%.