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PDC Bits-Fast Drilling Series
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During drilling process, the PDC bits can provide rapid drilling performance with high penetration rate with great durability. The design of cutting tooth, blade shape and tooth arrangement is continuously developed to increase drilling performance and reduce cost.

8-1/2” SF519RMH/S223

Technical Features

◆Body Material: Steel products with extremely strong tenacity.
◆Blade Quantity and Mode: 5 blade screw design which is composed of 2 long blades and 3 assistant blades to properly control torque during drilling.
◆Crown Shape: Design of shallow cone parabola shape, good for the operation of build-up and drop-off.
◆Water Nozzle Design: 7 pieces of adjustable nozzles are applied to satisfy the requirements of down hole assembly and to ensure the washing and cooling of drill bit as well as the transportation of rock debris.
◆Cutting Tooth: Total 43 pieces including 21 pieces of 19 mm main cutting teeth on surface, 22 pieces of 13 mm back teeth with high wear resistance and strong shock resistance are applied.
◆Gauge Protection: Containing the active gauge protection cutting tooth and ball surface tooth, the drill bit has 2” long gauge protection which helps operation on build-up and drop-off.
◆Connection Method: 4-1/2”REG. pin screw connection.

Application Example

The drill bits are applied in vertical well section and deviation well section from Su 11 of Sulige gas field and Tao 7 Block with formation of Yanan, Yanchang, Zhifang, Heshanggou and Liujiagou (not drilled). The lithology is sandstone and mudstone. Based on the reflection from various well teams, the single drill bit footage is 1800m-1932m and the average penetration rate is 25.3m/h-30.4m/h.